Ready-made flexible and adaptable software solutions
In the development of software solutions in particular, the aspect of reusability within the context of standard solutions and standard software modules is taken into account (e.g. interfaces, data model, multilingualism). Our solutions are therefore extremely flexible and because of our own development, highly adaptable. Without significant additional effort we can therefore develop Software solutions that, by nature of their their degree of standardization, are interesting for each company.
LFA Suite
The LFA-Suite is a complete solution to support and manage all administrative tasks for civil aviation authorities. From the registration of an aircraft to the approval of an operator till monitoring activities, many processes are performed with IT support.
Aviation & Sky

Aviation & Sky is a comprehensive software solution for civil aviation authorities. Its modules cover the main processes and tasks a CAA has to fulfil. The objective is to support all processes in accordance with the international regulations (ICAO, EASA, etc.) and national requirements to keep the tasks as simple as possible and to support modern technologies.

The main modules are

  • Inspection
  • Airworthiness
  • Approval
  • Licensing

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AuditCenter is a tool to support quality managers in small and medium enterprises with the implementation, documentation and reporting of internal audits. It provides the following basic functions:

  • Audit planning and implementation
  • CIP (Continuous Improvement Process)
  • Document Management
  • Guidelines
  • Surveys

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Audit is a software solution to plan and perform audits. The target group are certification companies, offering and performing the certification audits due to legal provision and standards.
Basic functionality comprises of:

  • Standards management
  • Comprehensive planning
  • Implementation
  • Reporting