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What is Aviation & Sky?

Aviation & Sky is a comprehensive software solution for civil aviation authorities. Its modules cover the main processes and tasks a CAA has to fulfil. The objective is to support all processes in accordance with the international regulations (ICAO, EASA, etc.) and national requirements to keep the tasks as simple as possible and to support modern technologies.

Who developed Aviation & Sky?

Aviation & Sky has been and still is developed in cooperation between Austro Control and joyn-it for more than 12 years. Austro Control, the CAA of Austria, contributed its specialist know-how and specified all requirements related to its everyday work. joyn-it is an experienced software company, which in addition to its technical expertise has also become an aviation expert based on this cooperation.

Why should other CAAs use Aviation & Sky?

Based on the successful use by other CAAs, we are convinced that Aviation & Sky represents valuable support for the work of any CAA. That’s why we also want to offer this solution to other CAAs, enabling them to optimise their processes by using a state of the art software.

Product Overview

Aviation & Sky is available as a web-based solution usable on desktop PCs and tablets. For specific tasks like ramp checks, an offline usable system is also available. Aviation & Sky is compliant with international aviation regulations.
The application consists of several modules. In addition to the four main modules, it also covers contact management, document management, reporting and management information. A tight integration of all modules ensures your success.
Reports can be produced as PDF, docx and xlsx files. Data exchange with companies is achieved through fillable PDF forms.

Aviation & Sky consists of following four main modules:

InspectionAirworthinessApprovalPersonal Licensing
  • Plan and perform audits
  • Risk-based approach
  • Tracking findings
  • Requirements and checklists
  • Aircraft models
  • National aircraft register
  • CofR, CofA,…
  • Assignment of Mode-S and ELT-Codes
  • Issuing of approvals
  • Scope of approval
  • Application management
  • Print certificates
  • Application
  • Issuing of licenses
  • Type ratings
  • Maintenance licenses

Click here to Download the Aviation & Sky product folder.

Visit also the Aviation & Sky product site at www.aviation-and-sky.com